Cobden Sun - Opinion

Did it cost me a small fortune? Not even close.

When one is desperate, one will be willing to pay just about anything.  As well, the desperate one is at high risk of being taken advantage of.

Valley Delivery was professional, extremely affordable and most importantly, kind.

Dan changed the course of my day with one simple act of kindness that definitely did not go unnoticed by this desperate mother.


We use Valley Delivery for all our parcel and pallet shipments, within the Ottawa Valley for around 15 years now. Their rates are very competitive. It especially works out great for us. We are in Pembroke and our head office and many vendors are in the Ottawa area. Since they have daily runs, we can have shipments picked up in the morning for same day delivery or afternoon for next day early a.m. deliveries.

I also feel much safer sending my parcel shipments with them, instead of other parcel carriers. Parcel shipments often get misplaced or damaged in the big parcel carriers large warehouses. With Valley Deliveries same/next day delivery, there are no warehouses. Everything is kept on truck and handled once, by the 1 person for safe delivery.

This is the same for pallet shipments. Most big trucking companies offload into a large warehouse at destination. So they are handled multiple times with a fork lifts, which may cause damage to the loads or sometimes loaded onto the wrong truck for different destination. With Valley delivery, our load stays on board, until it’s delivery.